Spring Fling 2020

We are currently announcing and contacting by phone our daily Spring Fling draw winners. Our last calendar draw announcement will be on Sunday, May 31 and it will be accompanied by our 50/50 winner with a value of $2,480.25 (we had an unusual donation of $2.50 that has been included in our calculation!!)
Thank you again to all of our participants, congratulations to our draw winners, especially under the circumstances of COVID-19 that have been such a challenge to all of us.

The Queen’s House Spring Fling Lottery Raffle 2020 remaining schedule:
May 1,    2020              Daily announcements began           2020 Winners List   
May 31,  2020              Announcements completed. Contest concludes.

From all of us at Queen’s House, thank-you and God Bless!