Triumph Retreat

Knowingly or unknowingly all of us carry hurtful experiences from the past into the present that negatively affect our day to day relationships with one’s self, with others; at home, at work, and most especially with God.
Inspired by the spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola and St. Therese of Lisieux, Triumph is a facilitated nine-day program designed to bring healing and spiritual growth to the wounded places of our being.
We invite you to come and encounter God on this gentle, powerful and life changing journey of inner healing and transformation. A journey leading more deeply into a fulfilled, peaceful, Christ-centered life filled with Joy.

Triumph is for everyone!  Triumph is for me, for you, for your friends, for your family, for priests and religious and other ministers, for Christians of any faith tradition or denomination (for that matter, people of any faith tradition, Christian or not), for people who are at any point on their faith-walk — ‘on fire’ or ‘lukewarm’ or completely ‘cold’! And if you’re not covered in this list, then Triumph is for you too!  We are all made for a relationship with God.  Rediscovering our identity as His children brings meaning, purpose and fulfilment to every area of our lives. His healing mercy and love are for everyone!

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Presenters:  Jerry and Donna Kristian met during the formation and founding of a post-secondary catholic school of faith and mission in Bruno Saskatchewan.  Married in 2008 they have since become partners in the implementation and facilitation of Triumph.

Jerry was born in Prudhomme, SK.  After high school Jerry, embarked on a two-year trip hitch-hiking around the world. He owned and operated various food operations throughout western Canada, as well as apartment units, a hotel, and heavy equipment business in Saskatoon. One of the founders of St. Therese Institute of Faith and Mission, he has held the roles of Board Chair and Executive Director of the Institute.  In 1978, he experienced a renewed relationship with God and a call to service in the intercessory prayer and healing ministry. With a profound love of God’s people, he remains faithful to this call.

Donna was born in Loon Lake, SK. Her love of Church and preparation for ministry led her to study theology.  In addition to having served as the Director of Healing and Growth at St. Therese Institute, her thirty years of ministerial experience includes parish and diocesan ministry, as well as, teaching courses in Old and New Testament studies, and Ignatian Discernment. She has a BA in Christianity and Culture from St. Michaels’s College, University of Toronto and a Masters in Ministry and Spirituality from Regis College; Toronto School of Theology; University of Toronto.

For Information:  Contact Donna & Jerry to discuss the program with them.