Our Programs

Please note that all of our Queen’s House Programming has been cancelled as per the directives of our Health and Civic Leaders.  We miss you as we are working through the challenges and uncertainty of COVID-19.  We will update this site on a regular basis as a way to keep our community informed of the offerings and opportunities that are available at and through Queen’s House.

May God continue to bless, proect and be with us at this time.

All of our ongoing programs have been listed in this collection for your convenience and reference. Please consider joining us soon!
For our latest Praying at Queen’s House summary:  Current Brochure


ICONOGRAPHY RETREAT: with Anna Mycyk and Gisele Bauche      
Monday, May 25 – Friday, May 29 from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm      Brochure          
Cost: Commute: $585 (includes lunches)                                 Summary       
Contact Queen’s House for additional costs if you would like to live-in.
Fee includes materials, pigments, 23kt gold leaf. Participants are responsible for their own brushes, and the anticipated cost for the wood panel icon board would be an additional $130 purchased at cost through Queen’s House.  Please note the deadline for registration is May 19, 2020.  Registration is limited to 10 participants.

SUMMER STILLNESS 2020:   with FR. RON ROLHEISER omi         Brochure       
Begins Monday, July 6 at 5:30 pm with supper until Thursday, July 9 at lunch.
Cost:    Commuter – $225          Commuter Plus – $325          Live In – $495
Monday Evening Public Lecture:
   Faith, Doubt and Darkness –  Understanding the Dynamics of Belief and Doubt beyond the Fervor of Youth. 
Presentation Only $25               With supper $40
Tuesday to Thursday Presentation: Naming the Present Moment of Our Faith – Searching for Nurturing Metaphors in a Time of Receding Transcendence.

TRIUMPH RETREATS: Freedom Through Healing.       Complete Information
2020:   Friday, July 26 at 6:00 pm until Saturday. August 3, 2019 / 3:00 pm.
Cost:   $1,595 which includes program, meals, facility and small bedroom.


CENTERING PRAYER:                                Current Brochure
Time:          7 pm Monday evenings (holidays excepted) from September  to June
Support:    Donations are appreciated.
More Info: Contact Queen’s House at 306-242-1916 or Reception Email

WOMEN IN MINISTRY FRIDAY LUNCHEONS:           Brochure               
Times:   One Friday of each month at 12 noon in the Small Dining Room
2020:     January 10 •  February 7 • March 6 • April 3 • May 1 •  June 5
Fall:       September  • October  • November  • December 
Lunch:  Bring your own or purchase lunch at Queen’s House.

Time:   Second Tuesday morning of each month beginning at 7:00 am with breakfast at 8:00 am.   Please note that all are welcome.
    Info Summary
Cost: Suggested donation of $10 / gathering.               
2020: January 14 • February 11 • March 10 • April 14 • May 12 • June 9 • July 13
Fall:    August 11 • September 8 • October 13 • November 10 • December 8

TAIZE PRAYER FOR CHRISTIAN UNITY:                      Current Brochure
Members of our L’Arche Community will continue to provide leadership for Taize Prayer. They have designated the second Wednesday of each month beginning at 7:00 pm and prayer lasting about 45 minutes.  No registration is required. Support is by donation. We look forward to seeing you here for this time of community and prayer.   More Info
2020 Dates are listed below:
January 15 • February 12 • March 11 • April 15 • May 13 • June 10
September 9 • October 14 • November 11 • December 9

24 HOUR EUCHARISTIC ADORATION:           Current Brochure
This wonderful opportunity of prayer takes place at Queen’s House beginning at 12:00 noon on the 4th Monday of each month and continuing until noon the following Tuesday.  All are welcome!  The dates for 2020 are listed below:
Jan 27-28 • Feb 24-25 • March 23-24 • April 27-28 • May 25-26 • June 22-23
September 28-29 • October 26-27 • November 23-24 •

WEEKLY MASS AT QUEEN’S HOUSE:          Current Brochure
As you consider time away for rest and renewal, we invite you to take time to share in our weekly Eucharistic Celebration. Reconciliation is also available upon request. Fr. Paul Fachet OMI celebrates this mass every Wednesday at 2:30 pm. For more information, contact Queen’s House:  306-242-1916 or  Reception Email

PERSONAL TIME of PRIVATE PRAYER:       Current Brochure
Come to Queen’s House for a time of prayer, reflection and quiet! This could be for an hour, a day or more or for a week. For more information:
Contact Queen’s House at 306-242-1916 or at  Reception Email