Accommodations – Rooms

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Our facility is able to accommodate a variety of groups for a variety of programs and meetings.  We welcome your business, organisation, educational, government, religious or service group.

  • 5 large sized, carpeted bedrooms with private bath;
  • 4 medium sized, carpeted bedrooms with private bath;
  • 40 single, carpeted bedrooms.  Showers and tubs located at hallway junctions.

Accommodations for Retreats
Retreatants may choose to either live-in or commute. 
Live-in costs include refreshments, all meals and single bedroom during your
Commuter costs are less for obvious reasons.  It is preferable to live-in, but not essential.

Our bookings coordinator, Angela Brockmeyer can be reached by:
Phone: 306-242-1925 or by Email: