Let this be a place of thanksgiving to God for our past, and to the women and men who are part of it. Let this be a place of peace: a sign of our commitment to the future and our compassionate awareness of the divisions and injustices of the present.

“The Lord has not chosen the people for the sake of the place, but the place for the sake of the people.” (2 Maccabees 5:19)

This Chapel of Peace was blessed and dedicated May 27, 1984, by Bishop James P. Mahoney of Saskatoon. This is a holy place, built for people called to holiness. It reminds us of the holy city of Jerusalem, where we, the Church, will gather in unity with the Trinity. We are on a pilgrimage together, the holy temple of God, built of living stones. Christ lives in our inner selves, and so he is present and reflected in the walls of this Chapel.

The entry to the Chapel, as well as the entrance to the assembly/conference rooms downstairs, is at the Pool of Baptism. This is the first of four major areas of the Chapel.