Queen’s House COVID Guidance
August 25, 2022

Current Covid Guidelines

Information for Our Guests

Our goal at Queen’s House is to provide a safe and respectful environment for our guests and our staff using best practices, provisions and protocols that are known to reduce risk of infection and enhance safety. We host and are staffed by individuals who may either belong to or provide critical care for others who are vulnerable. Therefore, we ask that you be attentive to the following guidance:

  • Mask use is welcomed for all our indoor common spaces.
  • Physical distancing and sanitizing remain recommended practices.
    We appreciate when our visitors provide their own supplies.
  • Monitor your personal health. If you feel ill, please stay home.
  • Consider but don’t avoid your use of shared indoor spaces.
  • Be patient and exercise care and consideration.
  • We appreciate rather than expect that our guests and visitors have completed COVID-19 vaccinations. All our staff are fully Covid vaccinated.

Our Goal as Staff will be what it has always been, to welcome and care for all who enter as best we can with what we have to offer. As COVID-19 challenges remain, the following general enhancements are in place:

  • Staff use of appropriate and practical PPE will continue.
  • Practical physical distancing as an operating goal is appreciated.

Our Goal in Food Services continues to be the provision of nutritious meals and snacks served with care. Our open buffet line has resumed, and we are pleased with how well this is operating, and the degree of care and respect shown by our guests. Additionally:

  • We welcome the use of personal beverage containers by our guests.
  • The management of mealtimes to limit crowding remains a consideration.
  • We offer self-serve coffee, tea and juice access.

Of Note: The use of technology to assist with registration, payment, donation and communication has assisted us at this time of increased risk and reduced staffing.

For further information, contact us at 306-242-1916 at extensions below or email:

 We will respond promptly and will make every effort to assist you.