An Invitation to Enjoy Reiki at Queen’s House:
For more information, please speak to any of the practitioners or refer to:
Brochure      Canadian Reiki Association        Reiki with Darlene at Queen’s House

Contact practitioners directly using the information listed below:

  • Darlene McGrath:     Phone:  306-220-3188       Email
  • Joan Grosell:            Phone:  306-222-7753       Email
  • Gloria Evanoff:         Phone:  306-441-6340       Email     
  • Debbie Milne:           Phone:  306-343-8783       Email
  • Kathy Sharman:       Phone:  306-384-0778       Email

Darlene offers Reiki Level I and Level II classes on Wednesday afternoons. Please contact her at  Email to book a date if you are interested in this opportunity.