Spiritual Direction Resources

The following Resources are available for all seekers and spiritual directors. It is our hope and confidence that you will find them helpful.   Spiritual Direction Resources Handout

Here is a article written by Kathleen Fischer that you may find helpful in your discernment: Is Spiritual Direction Right For You? 

Spiritual Directors International:     SDI Website
This site provides a listing of spiritual directors, information on spiritual direction, ethical guidelines, AV materials, webinars and other useful materials.

Sounds True:                                      Website
AV offerings, downloads and digital information on mindfulness and meditation.

Loyola Press:                                      Website
Offers daily 3 minute retreats and other resources.

Center for Action & Contemplation: Website
Offers daily and weekly reflections, e-courses and webinars

Heartbeat Journey:                             Website
Philip Newal and Celtic Spirituality (Iona)

Joan Chittister:                                   Website
Daily reflections and E-courses

Creighton University:                        Website
Various Ignatian reflections, retreats and prayer programs