COVID Update Summary
May 25, 2021
Reopen Plan – May 25, 2021
Places of Worship Guidelines (Pages 36-40)

  • Masks are required for all indoor public spaces.
  • Indoor & Outdoor public event gatherings: limited to 30 people.
  • No food or refreshments to be served or permitted.
  • Maintain physical distancing and sanitizing guidelines.

Queen’s House will be monitoring updates and requirements to determine what additional provisions will be required of both our guests and staff.

Current Queen’s House Status

Queen’s House continues its journey to be accessible to all of our guests and groups as much as we can following the guidance and advice of our provincial health and medical authorities and our Department of Tourism.  We are accepting and hosting all bookings that fall within the current health and civic guidelines and to the extent that we are able to accommodate these with our limited staff complement.  Guidelines to assist you with your planning are below. Please note that these general guidelines are superseded by the specific current guides as these relate to group size and food services.

      Re-Opening Guidelines                            Re-Opening Poster          

Currently, small groups (under 30) and virtual events (Zoom and Hybrid Presentations) have been the activities that we have been best able to accommodate and support. Unfortunately, individual personal retreats are not possible at this time, but soon as guidelines reflect our progress against the virus.  We are constantly monitoring developments with and within our community as this plan and the circumstances that impact unfold and we will continue to determine and adopt the best course of action using this information.  For further information, please contact us directly at 306-242-1916 and by extensions listed below or by email:

 We will respond promptly and will make every effort to assist you.

General Guidelines for Staff and Guests:
(Informed by Tourism Saskatchewan / Government of Saskatchewan) April 2021

Our goal at Queen’s House is to safely resume operations for our guests and our staff using best practices that reduce risk.  Queen’s House will be operating with added provisions and protocols designed to enhance safety. These include:

  • Monitor personal health. If you feel ill, please stay home.
  • Be patient and exercise care and consideration.
  • Use healthy hygiene practices, especially hand washing.
  • Practice physical distancing as much as possible.
  • Restrict and monitor the use of shared items and spaces.
  • Use a mask in common areas. (Available for purchase – $2)
  • Sanitize upon arrival, as required, and upon entry into the dining area.
  • Group must have and retain an accurate record of their attendance list.

Our goal as staff will be what it has always been, to welcome and care for all who enter, as best we can with what we have to offer.  During our current COVID-19 conditions, the following general enhancements are in place:

  • Staff monitored cleaning, sanitation, and disinfection routine using appropriate eco-friendly supplies.
  • Staff use of appropriate and practical PPE.
  • Practice physical distancing as a standard practice.

No Food Services are permitted at this time.

Our goal as an institution is to further incorporate the use of technology to assist us with operations. These include registration, payment and donation utilities and significantly increased band width within our work spaces.