Bike-A-Thon Thank You!

This year’s ride was another unqualified success, although the weather and recent road work did give us a bit more of a challenge. But perseverance and wonderful good humour won the day and all went very well.  We are so very grateful to all of our riders, their sponsors and our volunteer crew of support. Here are a few pictures that capture the day!

qhb16-5Bike-A-Thon 2016

qhb16-1        qhb16-3        qhb16-2
           Assemble                                  Prepare                                  Gather

qhb16-4        qhb16-7        qhb16-8
         Ready to Roll!                        Support Team par excellent! Thank you!

qhb16-9        qhb16-10        qhb16-11
Riders cycling in for their pit stop!

qhb16-12        qhb16-15        qhb16-16
Riders arrive and fuel up and share the goodies.

qhb16-17        qhb16-18        qhb16-19
 Fr. Paul claims you can never be too young or old to support Queen’s House!