We Are Oblates – YouTube Video

This is a very creative hymn written and sung by the Oblates in the Philippines. It incorporates values and quotations directly from our Constitutions. You will be uplifted by its message.

oblates-2The Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate

Founded after the French Revolution in 1816 by Eugene de Mazenod to work among the poor, the Oblates now number about 5,000 members throughout the world.   Having arrived in Canada in 1841, the Oblates presently form one of the most important communities of men in the country. We now number about 900 men in Canada.

The Oblates in Canada are organized into eight secitons known as Oblate Provinces. Oblates exercise very diversed ministries but above all we seek to dedicate ourselves to the poor and abandoned in urban centres, in Northern Canada and in other remote areas of the country.

Oblates also strive to work with ethnic minorities and aboriginals. One can thus find us, for example, in parishes, in missionary formation, preaching, social justice and pastoral ministries, and universities. Our work situates us throughout Canada, from coast to coast.  “No ministry is alien to us as long as we never lose sight of the main purpose of the Congregation: the evangelization of the most abandoned.” – Oblate Constitutions and Rules

Oblates also work in missions throughout the world, on all six continents. There we work for the growth of the local churches. We are in solidarity with their missionary action and provide them with various forms of support.  We are missionaries living in community.

The term “missionary” is often used to mean somebody who works far away in a foreign country in order to proclaim the Good News and build the local church.  But the literal sense of the word “missionary” means “to be sent”.  Consequently, wherever he finds himself, the Oblate is in a missionary situation: whether in Canada or elsewhere, he is a missionary.

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