Are you searching?

What is it today that provokes you to think of your future? Of your vocation? It is said that the greatest challenge in life is to realize one” ideal. The longest of journeys begins nonetheless with a single step.

If, amidst your acts of generosity and service, a desire for justice and peace seems to be emerging, it is a good sign. But you want more, don’t you? What the call of God desires to realize in your life is the radical liberation of your capacity to love.

Are you searching to make your life special? Different? Concretize the missionary dream that is awakening in you? This decision belongs to you.

In 1807, a young man by the name of Eugène de Mazenod had a dream, maybe like yours. Desiring to be a companion to the redeemer, he realized his dream by founding the Congregation of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, whose mission was to go among the poor with many faces. Today this dream continues to be made real by Oblate priests and brothers in the challenge to build a better world in the name of Jesus.

How can you begin to realize your dream? First, by praying to come to know your vocation; then also by seeking out a spiritual director who can help you to discern God’s desire for you. You certainly could contact the Director of Vocations and discover with him the apostolic commitment of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate.