Spring Fling

Our Spring Fling Lottery 2019 sales began on March 1! Ticket order forms are about to be circulated through parishes, the mail, by email and directly. We invite you to participate in this light hearted celebration of our mothers, of spring time and of this time of renewal and rebirth! We are so very grateful for your participation in the past and invite and encourage you to take part again this year. Your participation is of vital importance to support our programming opportunities for spiritual renewal and to assist us in the provision of important, practical maintenance needs here at Queen’s House.
On behalf of our Oblate Community, we thank you! God bless!       

Information Brochure with Order Form                  Ticket Order Form     

Important dates regarding Spring Fling 2019 are as follows:
March 1, 2019     Circulation of Materials and Lottery Sales Begin
April 30, 2019     Ticket Sales end at Midnight
May 1, 2019         Daily Draws begin
May 31, 2019       Contest concludes 

For more information or to play, contact Queen’s House at 306-242-1916 or Email

2019 Winners List